Rice  1.5.2
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Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >, including all inherited members.

attr_get(Identifier name) const Rice::Object
Builtin_Object(Object value)Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >
Builtin_Object(Builtin_Object const &other)Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >
call(Identifier id, T1 arg1, T2 arg2,...) const Rice::Object
call(Identifier id, T1 arg1, T2 arg2,...) const Rice::Object
class_of() const Rice::Object
compare(Object const &other) const Rice::Object
get() const Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >inline
inspect() const Rice::Object
instance_eval(String const &s)Rice::Object
is_a(Object klass) const Rice::Object
is_frozen() const Rice::Object
is_instance_of(Object klass) const Rice::Object
is_nil() const Rice::Objectinline
iv_get(Identifier name) const Rice::Object
iv_set(Identifier name, T const &value)Rice::Object
mark() const Rice::Object
Object(VALUE value=Qnil)Rice::Objectinline
Object(Object const &other)Rice::Objectinline
operator bool() const Rice::Objectinline
operator VALUE() const Rice::Objectinline
operator*() const Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >inline
operator->() const Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >inline
rb_type() const Rice::Object
respond_to(Identifier id) const Rice::Object
set_value(VALUE v)Rice::Objectprotected
swap(Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type > &ref)Rice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >
Rice::Object::swap(Object &other)Rice::Object
test() const Rice::Objectinline
to_s() const Rice::Object
value() const Rice::Objectinline
vcall(Identifier id, Array args)Rice::Object