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Rice::Hash::Iterator< Hash_Ref_T, Value_T > Class Template Reference

A helper class for implementing iterators for a Hash. More...

#include <Hash.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Rice::Hash::Iterator< Hash_Ref_T, Value_T >:

Public Member Functions

 Iterator (Hash_Ref_T hash)
 Construct a new Iterator.
 Iterator (Hash_Ref_T hash, int start_at)
 Construct a new Iterator with a given start-at index point.
 Iterator (Iterator const &iterator)
 Copy construct an Iterator.
template<typename Iterator_T >
 Iterator (Iterator_T const &iterator)
Iteratoroperator= (Iterator const &rhs)
 Assignment operator.
Iteratoroperator++ ()
 Preincrement operator.
Iterator operator++ (int)
 Postincrement operator.
Value_T operator* ()
 Dereference operator.
Value_T * operator-> ()
 Dereference operator.
bool operator== (Iterator const &rhs) const
 Equality operator.
bool operator!= (Iterator const &rhs) const
 Inequality operator.
void swap (Iterator &iterator)
 Swap with another iterator of the same type.

Protected Member Functions

Object current_key ()
Array hash_keys ()


template<typename Hash_Ref_T_ , typename Value_T_ >
class Hash::Iterator

Detailed Description

template<typename Hash_Ref_T, typename Value_T>
class Rice::Hash::Iterator< Hash_Ref_T, Value_T >

A helper class for implementing iterators for a Hash.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Hash_Ref_T , typename Value_T >
template<typename Iterator_T >
Rice::Hash::Iterator< Hash_Ref_T, Value_T >::Iterator ( Iterator_T const &  iterator)

Construct an Iterator from another Iterator of a different const qualification.

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