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Rice::Struct::Instance Class Reference

#include <Struct.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Rice::Struct::Instance:
Rice::Builtin_Object< RStruct, T_STRUCT > Rice::Object

Public Member Functions

 Instance (Struct const &type, Array args=Array())
 Create a new Instance of a Struct. More...
 Instance (Struct const &type, Object s)
 Encapsulate an existing Struct instance. More...
template<typename T >
Object operator[] (T index)
 Get a member, given its offset. More...
void swap (Instance &other)
 Swap with another Struct::Instance.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rice::Builtin_Object< RStruct, T_STRUCT >
 Builtin_Object (Object value)
 Wrap an already allocated Ruby object. More...
 Builtin_Object (Builtin_Object const &other)
 Make a copy of a Builtin_Object. More...
RStruct & operator* () const
 Return a reference to obj_.
RStruct * operator-> () const
 Return a pointer to obj_.
RStruct * get () const
 Return a pointer to obj_.
void swap (Builtin_Object< RStruct, Builtin_Type > &ref)
 Swap with another builtin object of the same type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rice::Object
 Object (VALUE value=Qnil)
 Encapsulate an existing ruby object.
 Object (Object const &other)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~Object ()
bool test () const
 operator bool () const
bool is_nil () const
 Returns true if the object is nil, false otherwise.
 operator VALUE () const
 Implicit conversion to VALUE.
VALUE const volatile & value () const
 Explicitly get the encapsulated VALUE.
Class class_of () const
 Get the class of an object. More...
int compare (Object const &other) const
 Compare this object to another object. More...
String to_s () const
 Return a string representation of an object. More...
String inspect () const
 Inspect the object. More...
void freeze ()
 Freeze the object.
bool is_frozen () const
 Determine if the object is frozen. More...
void swap (Object &other)
 Swap with another Object.
Object instance_eval (String const &s)
 Evaluate the given string in the context of the object. More...
int rb_type () const
 Return the type of the underlying C object. More...
bool is_a (Object klass) const
 Determine whether the object is an instance of a class/module. More...
bool respond_to (Identifier id) const
 Determine if the objects responds to a method. More...
bool is_instance_of (Object klass) const
 Determine whether class is the object's class. More...
template<typename T >
void iv_set (Identifier name, T const &value)
 Set an instance variable. More...
Object iv_get (Identifier name) const
 Get the value of an instance variable. More...
Object attr_get (Identifier name) const
 Get the value of an instance variable, but don't warn if it is. More...
template<typename Retval_T >
Retval_T call (Identifier id, T1 arg1, T2 arg2,...) const
 Call the Ruby method specified by 'id' on object 'obj'. More...
Object call (Identifier id, T1 arg1, T2 arg2,...) const
 Version of call which defaults to Object return type.
Object vcall (Identifier id, Array args)
 Vectorized call. More...
void mark () const
 Mark the object with the garbage collector.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Rice::Object
void set_value (VALUE v)
 Set the encapsulated value.

Detailed Description

An instance of a Struct

See Also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Rice::Struct::Instance::Instance ( Struct const &  type,
Array  args = Array() 

Create a new Instance of a Struct.

typethe Struct type to create.
argsthe initial values for the objects of the instance.
Rice::Struct::Instance::Instance ( Struct const &  type,
Object  s 

Encapsulate an existing Struct instance.

typethe Struct type to encapsulate.
sthe instance to encapsulate.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
Object Rice::Struct::Instance::operator[] ( index)

Get a member, given its offset.

indexthe (integral) index into the Struct's internal array or its name (an Identifier or char const *)
the member.

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