Rice  1.5.2
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCRice::ArgHelper for defining default arguments of a method
oCRice::Constructor< T, ArgTypes, >Define a Type's Constructor and it's arguments
oCRice::Default_Enum_Traits< Enum_T >Default traits for the Enum class template
oCRice::Default_Free_Function< T >
oCRice::Default_Mark_Function< T >
oCRice::Hash::EntryA helper class for dereferencing iterators
|\CRice::Exception_BaseAn abstract interface for Exception
| \CRice::ExceptionA placeholder for Ruby exceptions
oCRice::IdentifierA wrapper for the ID type
|\CRice::Hash::Iterator< Hash_Ref_T, Value_T >A helper class for implementing iterators for a Hash
oCRice::Jump_TagA placeholder for Ruby longjmp data
|\CRice::Address_Registration_GuardA guard to register a given address with the GC
oCRice::ObjectThe base class for all Objects
|oCRice::Builtin_Object< RArray, T_ARRAY >
||\CRice::ArrayA wrapper for the ruby Array class
|oCRice::Builtin_Object< RHash, T_HASH >
|oCRice::Builtin_Object< RString, T_STRING >
||\CRice::StringA Wraper for the ruby String class
|oCRice::Builtin_Object< RStruct, T_STRUCT >
|oCRice::Builtin_Object< T, Builtin_Type >A smartpointer-like wrapper for Ruby builtin objects
|oCRice::Data_Object< T >A smartpointer-like wrapper for Ruby data objects
|oCRice::Exception_BaseAn abstract interface for Exception
||\CRice::Module_impl< Module_base, Module >
|| \CRice::ModuleA helper for defining a Module and its methods
||  \CRice::Module_impl< Module, Class >
||   \CRice::ClassA helper for defining a Class and its methods
||    oCRice::Module_impl< Class, Data_Type_Base >
||    |\CRice::Data_Type_BaseThe base class for all instantiations of Data_Type
||    | \CRice::Module_impl< Data_Type_Base, Data_Type< T > >
||    |  \CRice::Data_Type< T >A mechanism for binding ruby types to C++ types
||    \CRice::Module_impl< Class, Struct >
||     \CRice::StructA wrapper for creating Struct classes
|\CRice::SymbolA wrapper for ruby's Symbol class
oCRice::Hash::ProxyA helper class so hash[key]=value can work
oCRice::Array::ProxyA helper class so array[index]=value can work
oCRice::detail::to_ruby_< Data_Object< T > >
 \CRice::Module_impl< Base_T, Derived_T >
  \CRice::Data_Type< Enum_T >
   \CRice::Module_impl< Data_Type< Enum_T >, Enum< Enum_T, Enum_Traits > >
    \CRice::Enum< Enum_T, Enum_Traits >A wrapper for enumerated types